Fitzsimmons Great Danes, Paints & Quarter Horses

2015 litters

Great Danes (German Mastiff's) are not cheap dogs to breed. We work around the 

clock to ensure that our dogs and puppies are given the very best care. From the 

moment the pups are born and take their first breath of life, we are right there, weather it 

be natural birth or C-section. We are with our pups 24/7 to insure everything goes well. 

We make sure the temperature is just right in the whelping area (our kitchen), we make sure 

each pup gets enough to eat so they grow to be healthy, well socialized pups for their new 

owners. It is our goal to produce the healthiest puppies we possibly can and to socialize 

them at a young age so we can put them in their new homes with confidence that we did 

everything possible to ensure you the very best puppy. Our pups are sold on a return contract.

They must come back to us, any age, if you cannot care for them properly. If you have an issue with this

then you need to find a different breeder. If there is ever any issue with one of my pups (for the life of the dog),

I need to know about it. We stand behind our dogs 100%. 


100% European (German/Romanian) litter 

This is the last litter from these two!

AKC & FCI Registered- Imperial Girl Von Haus Tiefenbach "Onyx" our Black German Import 

(from blue/black breeding) 


AKC & FCI Registered- Gustaff Wish Comes True "Gustaf" our Blue Romanian Import

 (from blue/black breeding)

Health test results are on the Sire and Dam's page.

Shipping is available at the buyers expense.

**This litter will have their dewclaws.

If you would like to be added to my puppy list, send me an email


Puppies come with AKC registration paper work, 2 year health Guarantee, age appropriate 

vaccinations, 3-4 de-wormmings, microchip, Lifetime breeder 

support, puppy pack w/dog food, collar, leash, blanket, toys/bone.  

**We do offer a discount for Veterans and Active Military so let 

us know. (Please provide a copy of your DD-214 or other Military ID)

Discount only applies if proof is provided. Thank you for your service!

***We offer a discount and may possibly donate one pup from each litter 

to become a service dog. If you are Active Military or a Veteran let us know and 

I will put you on my list. I will do my homework and check you out. 

Pups sold/donated as service dogs are sold/donated with Limited AKC Registration and 

will be neutered/spayed, not be used for breeding purposes.