Fitzsimmons Great Danes, Paints & Quarter Horses

Edgar's Funny Cide

My Sweet Handsome boy Passed away on October 30,2013.

He was poisoned by dog treats made in China- The Kingdom Pets, sweet potato and duck.

The treats were recalled the day after Edgar passed.

Please do not feed your dogs treats made in China.


Edgar's Funny Cide

We have purchased a Blue male Great Dane from Neverstill Great Danes

 in Astoria, OR. His name is Edgar and he was born 4/10/10.

6 months old.

Fun in the snow!

Edgar & Cowgirl are keeping an eye on the kids.

13 months old, 34 inches @ the withers and 160 pounds.


Playing in the creek.

Edgar watching the boys play baseball. 2 years old

This is a painting I had done of Edgar, he is 2 1/2 yrs old.



Edgar is almost 3 years old in these pictures. 35 3/4 inches at the shoulder and 196 pounds.